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About Armando Luna Yoga
 Armando Luna  Believes that by promoting Health and Wellness through Yoga and Fitness will achieve a more balanced mental, physical and emotional approach to prolonging ones life.. 
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ARMANDO LUNA YOGA, San Francisco CA 94124
ARMANDO LUNA -  Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer
Armando, a former competitive body builder, believes that a fit body is achieved by addressing all aspects of the the mind, body and spirit. His dream has been to offer yoga in order to bring a mindful and safe place  for people to practice and promote Health and Wellness through yoga. His passion to instruct  in the Bayview, at the Bayview Opera House, stems from his work with students ranging from toddler (parent-toddler classes), to after-school kid's classes, to traditional adult classes and Seniors, currently at the Bayview Opera House and other locations around the area. 

Armando has spent the majority of his life in the fitness industry and holds the following certifications: 
    *    500 Hour Certification in Yoga Teacher Training
    *    Over 1000 hours of yoga instruction
    *    ISSA Certification
    *    CPR Certification
    *    25 Years Experience
    *    Licensed Nurse
    *    Competitive "Natural" Bodybuilder

In addition to the classes listed on the Schedule tab above, Armando will also be offering private Yoga  instruction in the area of Yoga Therapy and Injury Rehabilitation, while also offering personal fitness training to students who desire such services. Please feel free to send Armando an email by clicking the CONTACT US button above or e-mail mondocf@yahoo.com

Following the philosophy of holistic fitness, your workouts will be guided to balance strength training, cardiovascular exercise and nutrition. By incorporating stretching, toning and flexibility your trainings will create positive results and the body you want to achieve.